Make Millions of Dollars With Licensing Business Even If You Have No Money, No Product, No Customers, No Knowledge, No Experience, No Connections, No Credibility, and No Business!

Dear friend,

How would you like to sit back and watch millions of dollars roll into your personal bank account each year for producing one single, simple, and perhaps sublime or silly idea or business opportunity?

Sound impossible?

Well, it’s not. I’ll show you what I mean by asking a few billion dollar questions.

This leads us to:


What does it take to make big money these days?

Did you answer hard work, genius, the big ” E” word – education, the big “M” word – money, or the double “T” words – time and talent?

Sorry, wrong answer.

But if it’s any consolation, you’ve scored the same as most hardworking geniuses with PhD.’s score. They too almost always flunk this simple, direct, and thought-provoking question. After all, we’re taught to think that hard work, genius, education, money, time, and talent make a person rich, or at least, are the means to making a decent living. .,

But I want you to rethink this question from a different perspective.

Ask yourself, “What is the foundation for all wealth?”

And here’s a clue: Think of the wealthy and ask yourself what one thing all these rich people began with.

Bear these things in mind:

  • The industry doesn’t matter.

  • The era doesn’t matter.

  • Neither the location nor the technology matter.

  • In fact, no physical condition matters.

So what is it that’s the foundation for all wealth?

It’s simple: IDEAS!

That’s right. At the root of every great fortune is an idea. Ideas are the basis of all fortunes!

Therefore, if you have an idea, you too can be wealthy.

Okay. That sounds logical, you think. So, what’s the catch?
All right, I admit it: There’s a second part to our equation for wealth.

First, consider these questions:

  • How many of the big money makers of this nation – and the world – had to work mighty hard?

  • How many were outstanding geniuses?

  • How many were either highly educated, talented, skilled, or exceptionally knowledgeable in a given area of specialization?

  • How many took years to see their dreams turn a profit?

  • How many of them had to build a giant business, manage a giant business, and hassle with a giant business to make their profits?

The answer is, nearly all of them.

But then, there are those rare few who took a single idea (one they had or one they bought the rights to) and turned it into millions

  • with little or no work on their behalf,

  • with little or no money invested

  • with little or no special skills , talents, time, or education

  • with little or no heartaches or business growing pains

  • with little or no business expertise or worries

These people seem to skip over all the normal trials and tribulations of doing business and turn their idea into profits.

This leads us to:


How did they do it with…

  • no work

  • no money invested

  • no special skills

  • no talents

  • no time

  • no education

  • no product

  • no customers

  • no experience

  • no connections

  • no credibility

  • no business expertise

  • no business growing pains

  • even no business?

You just asked the second billion dollar question

The answer has taken me a lifetime to understand, but I finally got it, and I’ve developed several business ideas, solutions and million dollar opportunities to help you capitalize on the billion dollar money making business opportunities in LICENSING.

Licensing is the billion dollar business model required to turn an idea into a fortune – without having to work in the business.

Let’s begin by comparing the standard formula for turning an idea into a profit producer with my secret, simple idea-to-profit s formula:

Standard Formula of Business Operations

  1. We would develop the idea fully

  2. We would place a name or a project number on it.

  3. We might even classify it for immediate or long-range consideration.

  4. We might do extensive research and development sometimes at great expense.

  5. We might develop a full working prototype – sometimes at great expense.

  6. We might do a little or a lot of test marketing – nearly always at great expense.

  7. We might decide to manufacture it ourselves, or find a suitable manufacturer and contract this outside firm to manufacture it for us.

  8. We decide upon many things: color, size, texture, shape, and all the rest of the physical characteristics. Each detail has to be worked out for mass production, cost, and time efficiency.

  9. We need to decide how many to manufacture the item.

  10. We must make decisions about packaging, visibility, shelf life, and seasons, if applicable.

  11. We must decide upon warehousing and inventory management.

  12. We must make decisions about advertising – when, here, how, to whom, what to say, how to say it, what graphics to use, what image to create.

  13. We must make decisions about promotional events.

  14. We must make decisions about public relations activities press releases, media presentations, getting on radio and TV, and an Internet presence.

  15. We must produce ongoing sales. Who will be our wholesalers, our distributors, our retail outlets, our direct mail and Internet providers?

  16. We must decide on in-house or out-of-house fulfillment and processing of orders.

  17. We must deal with accounting and legal matters.

  18. We must manage the business and the employees.

  19. We must pay all the bills and meet payrolls.

  20. We must be the business – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Yes, twenty very complex, costly, and time-consuming steps later we see that one simple idea has created tons and tons of work for us to do, oversee, and manage before we make a dime, much less a fortune. What a bleak and dreary picture!

No wonder 97 out of 100 new ideas never reach the market. And no wonder those that stay in business and make a profit consume the very body and soul of the idea maker.

Now let’s apply my simple, smart, and little-known secret system.

  1. You start with the very same idea.

  2. You ask yourself one question: Who wants this idea?

  3. You find that person (a company or an individual) who wants this idea and who knows how to turn this idea into a profit center. You don’t sell this idea to that person. No, you only sell a specified use of that idea to that person for a share of the earnings. This use is spelled out in a legally binding, contractual agreement known as a license. With a nonexclusive license agreement, you license this person to use your idea in a specified way for a specified time.

This person has all the responsibility to manufacture, warehouse, distribute, advertise, promote, sell, fulfill, manage, and produce profits, and then pay you for the use of your idea.

This same idea can be licensed to many different individuals for many different specified uses.

Make Millions of Dollars With Licensing Business Even If You Have No Money, No Product, No Customers, No Knowledge, No Experience, No Connections, No Credibility, and No Business!


Develop and protect your intellectual property, let someone else worry about taking it to market, and watch the royalties roll in.

How’s that again?

Let me see if I have that right.

I get an idea. First, I find a person who wants my idea; I license a specified use right to that person; that person pays me for the use of my idea. And I can do that over and over again with each specific use of my idea?

That’s all I have to do?

That’s right. That is all you have to do.

Let me tell you a
$400 million
licensing business success story:

Have you ever heard of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Two fellows created these little characters for a comic book which they self-published out of their garage. Guess what? They didn’t even have to go out and find someone who wanted their idea.

Someone came to them and had to convince them that licensing was a way to build a moneymaking business out of their turtle characters.

(They didn’t even know licensing existed.) The rest is history. From 1988 to 1991, one hundred companies were producing licensed merchandise that created $400,000,000.00 of wholesale sales during those three years alone. At only a 10% royalty that would be $40,000,000.00 in licensing payments or $6,666,666.00 for each of those three years for each idea maker.

You can license almost anything and make millions of dollars doing it.
You can license a logo, technology, trademark, patent, consumer products, business ideas, breakthrough solutions, business opportunities, business plans etc.

A 17-year-old named Nick D’Aloisio was paid $30 million for a technology he licensed.

The inventor of Slinky, Richard James, made around $250 million from licensing.

George de Mestral brings in revenue of around $100 million every year from licensing.

One of our clients made over $875k in six weeks from licensing trade exchange and another client made over $7.5 million within a few months from this opportunity.

Another client made $15 million from this business.


Are you interested in seeing how you, too, can join the thousands of others who have come up with a good idea or business opportunity and turned it into millions without having to do the business?

If you are at all curious about your prospects of becoming a millionaire with time on your hands and money in your pocket to do whatever it is you want to do, you can get started by investing in one of the business opportunities on this website, to become a licensing millionaire.

No need to create your own idea.

You can use the business solutions and opportunities on this website to start your own licensing business…

… even if you have no money invested, no special skills, no talents, no time, no education, no product, no customers, no experience, no connections, no credibility, no business expertise, no business growing pains, and even no business?

I have used licensing strategy to launch several million dollar businesses and trade exchanges organizations.

I have successfully used licensing to successfully launch different businesses and trade exchanges for different licensees in different countries.

I keep using it because it’s already proven to work wonders.

You do not need to have any business to start a licensing business. All you need is an idea or business opportunity.

You do not even need to have your own idea or business opportunity to get started.

You can invest in the licensing opportunity of any of the business opportunities on this website.

Most people have been misled to believe that their ideas or opportunities should be new and different.

That’s a huge mistake, because new and different also means untested and prone to failure. That is why 97 out of 100 new ideas never reach the market. But when you take a business opportunity that’s been proven to work successfully, and use it as the basis to start your own licensing business, the kind of returns you produce can be enormous.

Instead of using a trial and error approach to see whether your new idea will work or not, your starting point would be from where a proven business opportunity has already been proven successful. Hence, your success is virtually guaranteed.

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