Ultimate Guide to Buying a Flying Orb

This is a boomerang ball designed to give you fun, joy, and endless entertainment. A flying orb is rechargeable and designed to spin, glide, float, and fly. It is well-known for soaring through the air and floating. The mechanism of running it is very easy. It is colorful and amazing to kids because of the RGB lights that come out and light any backyard sky.

How it works

It has a motor mechanism that gives stunts and aerobatic tricks, which is amazing for kids. It is easy to use. You can also give it as a gift to your loved ones. After unboxing it, you should charge it, then put it on by pressing or holding it’s on/off button, hold it upright, shake or toss it up into the air and let it run the show with tricks and magic. For it to climb just toss it up and watch as it climbs

Features and Benefits

Colorful and vibrant RGB lights

The flying orb has RGB LED colors that morph and create a color design that is very exciting.

Safe for use

Easy to operate and it is encased in the gentle and soft material mesh which protects it as it rotates.


Instead of sitting on your couch all day, the flying orb gets you up and takes you out. It gives you the pleasure to walk, run, jump, and do other movements as you run after the orb.


It offers you and your family endless fun possibilities and will kill boredom through spinning, gliding, hovering, and floating as you toss it up.

Reduces Screen Time

Most kids like watching programs on television, phone, and computer for long periods, which is harmful to their eyes. It gives you an alternative activity that keeps your family outdoors and allows you to interact and bond with family and friends.

Creates family bond

It’s a great way of bringing family together and building a strong family bond. Fosters intimacy for you and your spouse.

Peace of mind

It keeps kids busy and allows time for parents to have peace of mind.


It is made of gentle and soft material which cannot destroy or scratch anything. Thus, can be used by kids and adults.

Good battery

It has a rechargeable battery which takes a few minutes to recharge but offers extended flying time.

Highly durable

It is made of premium quality materials that are designed well and are not easily damaged.


Their prices are pocket friendly and will not require you to go out of your way to acquire them.

A great gift idea

It will be a perfect gift to surprise your young ones on special occasions. It lightens up their mood and will be great if you get one for your brothers, sisters, kids, friends, or any other loved family member.


It is worth the hype. During occasions like holidays, you will need to grab it from the store because it will give you fun, and engage you, your kid, friends, and other loved ones, this will boost bonding and take you to the next level in your relationship.





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